Sunday, March 13, 2016

​Check your Google security and get 2 GBs on Google Drive for free

If you're like me, and a billion or so others, you use Google services such as Google Docs, Gmail, and Google search every day. You're probably also concerned about your Google security, but not so concerned that you do anything about it. Well, Google wants to make you a sweet deal to encourage to check your security settings. Google will give you an additional 2GBs of free Google Drive storage just for checking your Google security settings.

Google Security Check
That's it. There's no catch. Just spend about two minutes double-checking your Google security settings, which you should have been doing anyway, and you get free storage. What's not to like?

First, you'll log into your Google account. Next, you're asked to check on your Recovery information. If you haven't added a phone number to your Google account, it will ask you to add one.

This is not the same thing as adding Google two-step verification to your account. You should add two-factor authentication to your account for better security, but Google isn't asking you do that this time. Google just wants to make sure that if you're locked out of your account, you can use your phone number to recover access to your account if you've been hacked.

This section of the security checkup will also ask you for a secondary e-mail account and a security hint. If you already have all the above in place, Google simply asks that you recheck that they're still current and correct.

Next, the security checkup asks you if you recognize all the devices you've been using with your Google account. I found no surprises. But, if you spot a device you don't recognize or one of your gadgets appears to be being used somewhere you've never been, Google provides instructions on how to double check your account's security.


After that, Google will ask you if you want to disable access to less secure apps. Google has been pushing to make the net more secure in general. Recently, Google announcd that its Chrome web browser will start marking all HTTP sites which don't use HTTPS encryption as unsafe.

Now, Google is giving you the option of blocking accesss to apps that do not support the security standards. These include:

The Mail app on your iphone or ipad with iOS 6 or below
The Mail app on your Windows phone preceding the 8. 1 release
Some Desktop mail clients like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird
If you're still using such apps with Google services, you can elect to keep using them. You'd be foolish for doing so, but that's your call.

Finally, Google asks you to review the apps, websites, and devices connected to your Google Account. If you don't recognize one or more of them, or no longer use them you can remove their access to your Google account. Typically, these are online services, such as Nextdoor. com, Pinterest, or Sandvine in my case, where you use your Google account as your service ID.

That's all there is to it. Once you're done, you get 2GBs of free Google storage permanently. The only catch is you only must complete your checkup by February 18. I think for an investment of about five-minutes for 2GBs of free storage, it's worth finding the time.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The actual iPhone 6s 16GB is totally POINTLESS.

The actual 16GB apple iphone exists, I’m keeping one at this time. But I’m simply not sure the reason why. I imply, I have it — Apple company makes lots of cash with this particular bad boy also it doesn’t have a genius to determine how.

A person take specifications and equipment from 2012, save for some choice elements like PROCESSOR and storage and place it inside a good iPhone situation alongside such things as TouchID along with a decent camera and also you charge more than £400 for that thing.

When i said, this really is excellent company. The income on the 16GB apple iphone 6s on it's own are huge. And Apple is extremely much in the commercial of promoting phones, anything it does much better than anyone otherwise.

This is the reason why 16GB i-phones make me personally so upset, though. Apple doesn’t need the cash, it offers plenty. But for reasons uknown it is pleased to sucker customers into purchasing what these people see like a cheaper, but similarly useable apple iphone option when in fact a 16GB iPhone is totally unusable following a week.

Truthfully, given the option between the Nokia 3310 along with a 16GB apple iphone 6s, I'd take the actual Nokia each and every time.

The reason why? Simple: We don’t would like a smart phone that, after a few days of regular usage, no lengthier works because there isn't any available room left about the device. And to create things even more annoying, Apple doesn't and WON'T ever assistance expandable storage space.

So you need to make choices like whether to delete all of your photos as well as videos out of your phone. Or the majority of your songs, or iBooks as well as games. Since you can’t ask them to all. Not on the 16GB apple iphone. If you need to do, you’ll quickly encounter things such as WhatsApp no longer working properly or even emails as well as tweets not really sending.

As well as, trust me personally, that’s absolutely no fun. Especially because when it will happen, the storage of having to pay £429 for that thing inside your hand it's still pretty fresh in your thoughts, making things even more frustrating.

Then you’ll end up searching Search engines for methods to “free upward storage in your iPhone” and now you’ll start to ask your self why — the reason why the HECK does a business like Apple company, with just about all its earnings and cash, STILL create a product such as this, which is actually clearly NICELY below fundamental standards with regard to today’s marketplace? Why not only make the actual 32GB version the bottom model? Or simply include microSD-support?

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Exactly why Protect The Phone Using a Waterproof Cell phone Pouch?

Most of the people today are actually using touch-screen telephones. And for that reason, it is critical that you discover how to properly maintain your mobile phone and ensure that it must be safe along with secure especially should you be bringing it along continuously. One of the extremely common mobile phone issues right now is while phones find wet. This may be a major problem given it can destruction your phone and you might lose most its recollection. Hence, getting a waterproof mobile phone pouch is often a smart notion.

Waterproof mobile phone pouches supply your touch screen phone invincibility versus wetness. You will take your smartphone when you're in water water skiing, boating, and in many cases snorkelling. Depending on what are the pouch you have, your smartphone will continue to be nice along with dry enveloped in 10 metre distances of normal water.

This essential cellphone accessory will certainly protect your current most important device, whatever you could be doing with the beach or with the lake. And here's the top part about it: It could also protect your current phone versus dirt, will get, and excellent skiing conditions. So your current waterproof mobile phone pouch it not just ideal pertaining to water athletics. You could also take it along if you love it dirt riding a bike. You would bring it along at the muddy tunes festival. You'll be able to take your current smartphone while snowboarding plus your pouch will certainly safeguard the idea against just about any damage.

Moreover, moisture, dust, grime, and also other substances are certainly not the merely elements which could damage your current phone. The product is also prone to getting chips and chafes. So, know many of the ways you'll be able to protect your current phone. Learn from what the pros say. Never use it in your current pocket should it be filled using coins along with keys. Coins are just the thing for parking metre distances. As pertaining to keys, you may need those. On the other hand, both are damaging your touch screen phone. So precisely why put these people together? They may leave scratches on the phone's monitor, especially when this doesn't happen have video protection.

Up coming, mind a corner pocket. Should you have a behavior of adding your phone as part of your back bank account, don't sit on it. Never put your current phone throughout potentially "disastrous" conditions. Unless a new waterproof mobile phone pouch can be protecting your current phone, take caution when you use it inside bathroom. In case you must please take a photo involving stunning photographs and breath-taking landscapes after a cruise, carry your mobile phone carefully. Make certain that it can be secured along with protected therefore you won't get rid of any wonderful memory saved within it.

Is your iPhone's Storage Full? 6 Ways to Free-Up Some Space.

Is the iPhone's storage full? It's not necessary to worry as there are lots of things that can be done to reclaim the area. The very first thing that you ought to do is discovering the applications which are taking lots of your room.

To do that you is going to configurations, general, storage & iCloud storage after which manage storage space. Here you need to find the actual apps which are taking high of your room. If you will find any that you simply aren't utilizing, you ought to delete all of them immediately.

Remove burst pictures

To remove burst photos you need to open the actual Photos application, go Albums and choose Burst. You need to then tap about the best photo and choose, "Keep Only one Favorite. inch

Delete firefox history

Couple of people remove their internet browser history. If you're one of the numerous you ought to delete your own history in order to reclaim a number of your space for storage. To remove history in your Safari Browser you need to go in order to settings, Firefox, and Obvious History as well as Browsing information. You ought to then scroll right down to the base and faucet on Sophisticated.

If you're using Stainless browser, you need to tap about the menu image, go in order to History after that clear searching data.

Eliminate old communications

Unless you've use for the old texts, you should eliminate them. If you do not want to undergo the difficulty of removing the communications manually, you need to program your own iPhone in order to auto-delete all of them.

To do that you is going to settings after which messages. Under information history you need to select thirty days. This means that you'll only possess messages delivered to you within the last 30 times.

While you're at it it's also wise to get gone any movies, podcasts, voicemail message, and books that you simply aren't utilizing.

Turn away app notices

When may be the last period you study your application notifications? You shouldn't let them inside your device to begin with. You should switch off all application notifications.

Just keep HDR pictures

The iPhone is made to give a person two pictures: HDR as well as non-HDR images whenever you take a photograph. Both pictures are saved inside your phone's storage thus your space for storage is adopted twice because fast.

Since non-HDR pictures are poor, there isn't any need associated with saving all of them. You should turn off the messages when you go to settings, Photos & Cameras after which scroll lower and disable, "Keep Regular Photo. inch

Full iCloud accounts

If your own iCloud accounts is complete its because of the fact that you're storing backups out of your old products. You ought to delete aged data when you go to settings, iCloud, storage space, manage storage after which tap upon outdated back-up. From the choices you ought to choose, "Delete Back-up. "

It is also wise that you simply delete info under Record & Information.

When every thing fails

Should you choose all the above mentioned and you're still obtaining the notification that the storage is actually full, you should look at resetting your own iPhone. iPhone totally reset will remove data inside your device; consequently, you ought to first support your pc on iTunes or even iCloud.

Tips To obtain More Youtube Views As well as Subscribers.

The objective of this post is to offer you helpful tips to obtain more YouTube sights and customers. You may know Youtube users upload twenty four hours of movie every moment! Therefore, the competition to obtain more views as well as subscribers with regard to YouTube funnel is extreme. Most movies get just a few channel hits and not get observed. If you are finding your self in comparable situation, read this cautiously.

In truth, before a person start producing your movie, start considering promoting this. Market yourself as frequently as possible. Preferably, do brand new things to obtain more YouTube views every single day.

There are a variety of factors that might affect the amount of views as well as subscribers a person attract for your channel. Of course among the important thing may be the video content material, but content material alone does not guarantee you lots of hits.

I'm on Youtube since 2006. And I've seen many people earning a full time income only utilizing YouTube. These those who have got excellent success upon YouTube do not just have it by good fortune ( As numerous say ) actually, there is of testing and effort goes in to promoting Youtube channels.

These are some basic YouTube tips that can help you get a plenty of views:

1. Create Great Thumbnails: Thumbnails are tiny photos that represents your videos on Youtube. YouTube is flooded with plenty of videos. Given a list of unknown videos, people have a tendency to click on an attractive thumbnail. So your thumbnail must catch a lot of eyes to get a lot of views.

2. Use your brain: Be funny, be original. If you make videos that are not exciting and compelling, people wouldn't bother viewing it again and again. As most of the views comes from repeat views from fans and subscribers, give people a reason to share your video on social networking websites. If you really want your videos to go super viral, think something out of the box. Also try investing on a good camera to make your videos look professional.

3. Title Speaks: Give your video a compelling title, that is relevant to your video. Make it talk, jump and dance. People only spend a few second( or even less) reading a title. You have to make use of this little window of opportunity to make them click on your video.

4. Don't make it look like an Ad(only for commercial purpose): Even if you want to promote yourself or your website you don't need to spam. Do it subtly, and you will get plenty of views. Now you would say, how to promote my product or website then? The answer is simple, Make sure your videos add some value.

5. Tags: Tag your videos properly, so that when someone search for a term related to your tag, your video will be shown. So use popular tags for your videos and get a lot of views.

6. Describe: Describe your videos in great details. Don't be lazy here. Show your viewers you're serious about making videos. Rule of thumb, more, the merrier.

7. Social networking: Use Twitter, Facebook and MySpace and Flurl to promote your videos.

8. Promote using Blog: Set up a website or a blog. Direct people from videos to blog, and blogs to videos.

9. Use other video sites: Use other video sites also. Experiment with Daily Motion, MetaCafe and other video sites.

10. Never give up: Even if you fail initially and get few hits. Just don't give up, learn new tips and techniques and keep on trying.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

This is my first post

Consider a many-to-one relationship set AB from entity set A to entity set B. Using
our table-construction scheme outlined previously, we get three tables: A, B, and AB.
Suppose further that the participation of A in the relationship is total; that is, every
entity a in the entity set A must participate in the relationship AB. Then we can
combine the tables A and AB to form a single table consisting of the union of columns
of both tables.
As an illustration, consider the E-R diagram of Figure 2.27. The double line in the
E-R diagram indicates that the participation of account in the account-branch is total.
Hence, an account cannot exist without being associated with a particular branch.
Further, the relationship set account-branch is many to one from account to branch.
Therefore, we can combine the table for account-branch with the table for account and
require only the following two tables:
• account, with attributes account-number, balance, and branch-name
• branch, with attributes branch-name, branch-city, and assets